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DIY-Gathering "Flick The World"

DIY Festival with Workshops, Talks and Performances in Zürich.

The DIY Gathering „Flick the World“ offers workshops for children and adults, an exhibition shows works from the network of SGMK and Dock18. There will be room to talk and performances in the evening. The DIY Festival wants to connect the people from different scences with science and art interested people.

Helpers for the event are still welcome!

Date: September 29. - 30. 2018

Where: Clubraum Rote Fabrik in Zürich

Programm: SGMK wiki - DIY_Gathering_-_Flick_the_World

community partner: Dock18


Tags: Festival, zürich, ausstellung, dock18, Festival, Kunst, Art, SGMK

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